Jacqui Gold

Few people understand the significance of that day in the life of Jacqui Gold. She was 14 years old and walking out of school after registering for the day; walking out to end the short life that she had lived because the trauma, torment and abuse had become too much.

She felt so weak until a teacher appeared, like a guardian angel and began the process that would turn her life chances around and lead her to her purpose of leading future generations to understand that with resilience and determination in their education, they can create a remarkable future proof life. This teacher listened and heard her cries for help.

Trauma can be isolating by its nature. It makes the sufferer feel like they are not enough and do not deserve more. It is often debilitating as the sufferer believes that no one else could have the same experience and therefore no-one can understand and help.

Survival Stories with Jacqui and Friends was built around a desire to create a community in which stories can be shared in order to bring hope to other sufferers; to help them on their journey to becoming a Survivor. This is a safe space where Survivors can come together and celebrate what can be a long and difficult journey.

Jacqui’s Mission

“Jacqui is on a mission to help others who have had experiences which have affected their life to find a way forwards..”

Survival Stories with Jacqui

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