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Indestructible Free Thinker – The Return, From Sex Abuse Victim to Champion

Jacqui Gold takes you through the journey from a relatively carefree child with a big family to the life-changing fallout after experiencing domestic violence sexual abuse at the age of 11 from a family member. The hurt and betrayal suffered after this led her along a road of isolation at home and school and ultimately to make a big decision about her future.

About The Guest :

Jacqui has experienced a great deal of mental and physical trauma in her life; the most painful beginning at age 11. She struggled throughout her life to find a community of support who could understand and help her; low self-esteem stood in her way for many years. With the intervention of a teacher, she was able to begin to make steps towards a positive future however the mental effects proved difficult to overcome. Her mission is to help others who have had experiences which have affected their life to find a way forwards.

Today Jacqui is a Leading Speaker on Education Reform, Founder of JG Educate Ltd, Co Founder of We School, Best Selling Author of the Codey Learns Story Text Books, Examiner, Qualified Teacher and Qualified Accountant(non practising).





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