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The Unbreakable Man – From Drug Addict to Personal Branding Expert

A journey through a life which began on what some might see as the wrong side of the tracks. As a child he experienced poverty and in his struggle to make life happen , found himself incarcerated. His journey includes some startling references to drugs, guns and moonlight escapes. This is a must see episode as it shows us that there is always a way forward, you just have to find it.

About The Guest :

In reality anyone who has lived the life of Manny Wolfe would be forgiven for just wanting to fade into oblivion and live on the peripheries of life. He has faced devastating trauma which has led to his incarceration and addiction to self-medicating through alcohol and drugs.
In this episode Manny takes us through an often-harrowing story in great detail with some startling statements that will make you sit up, listen and wonder at the sheer honesty he expresses. Unapologetically he takes you on a journey which is wholly redemptive.
Today Manny is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker and Branding Coach with over 10 years experience of working in the online space.. He works tirelessly to help his clients and much of the general public achieve success in their chosen business field.

In defying the odds, he should be celebrated as a True Survivor.


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About the host:

Jacqui has experienced a great deal of mental and physical trauma in her life; the most painful beginning at age 11. She struggled throughout her life to find a community of support who could understand and help her and low self-esteem stood in her way. Her mission is to help others who have had experiences which have affected their life to find a way forwards.





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